Price List

General Labor Fee
This fee covers troubleshooting, repairs, upgrades and more. The "Estimated Price for Specific Services" list below is based on the average number of hours necessary to accomplish each task. A minimum $60 charge (in-shop) or $120 charge (on-site) applies to all repair orders, unless negotiated otherwise.

$60/hr. in-shop

$80/hr. on-site

General Upgrades
Includes memory (RAM), hard drives, CPUs, peripherals and more.
Cost of part
+ labor
Do you have trouble understanding your computer? Are you constantly afraid you'll mess something up? Do you think "Mother Board" is the name of an orthodox nun? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then Brainiac can teach you a thing or two. Comprehensive, one-on-one, easy-to-understand, hands-on training is available for many computer-related subjects. We'll turn you into a L337 h4xx0r!

$60/hr. in-shop

$80/hr. on-site

If you are preparing to upgrade your computer systems, but are unsure what to do with your old equipment, just contact Brainiac and we'll send someone to take it off of your hands. Some computer components contain harmful substances, and it may be against local waste ordinances to simply throw them away.

Fee varies

Computer Pick-up Fee (for off-site repairs) $15

Estimated Price for Specific Services
Basic Clean-up: Spyware/Adware/Virus Removal
We eradicate these dangerous programs, known collectively as malware, that install themselves on your computer without your consent. Not only can these programs drastically slow your computer — they can gather personal information and steal your passwords. Includes optimization.

$90-$150 in-shop

$120-$160 on-site

Advanced Clean-up: Extensive Malware Removal
Necessary only for severely infected computers. Includes optimization.

$120-$180 in-shop

$160-$240 on-site

System Optimization
Many settings on your computer can be tweaked to improve both performance and convenience. With our optimization, we'll ensure that you receive the best possible performance from your system. This service is often included, free of charge, in clean-ups and reinstallations.

$60-$90 in-shop

$120 on-site

Windows Reinstallation
On rare occasions, it can be a good idea to give your computer a fresh start. If your computer is slow and optimization doesn't seem to help, or if a virus has caused extensive damage to the Windows registry, it may be necessary to reinstall Windows to make your computer like-new again. Assuming that your hardware is in good shape, this will make your computer as fast as the day you bought it. We'll make sure to keep your files safe, help you reinstall your programs, and install any necessary drivers and updates.

$120-$150 in-shop

$120-$200 on-site

Hardware Clean-up
As important as it is to clean virtual problems like malware from your computer, one shouldn't neglect a computer's physical cleanliness. Over time, dust can build up inside your system to the point that it causes problems, such as impeding airflow through the case and causing your system to overheat. Well, no motherboard is too dusty — no keyboard too crusty — to withstand the awesome cleaning power of our Metro Data-Vac/3, a professional vacuum cleaner and blower designed specifically to clean sensitive electronic devices. The Data-Vac is electrically grounded, eliminating the possibility of static discharge that could damage your computer.

$30 in-shop

$40 on-site

Component/Software Installation (does not include cost of part/software)
Programs, RAM, processors, video cards, printers, hard drives and associated drivers— you name it, we'll install it.

$30 in-shop

$40 on-site

Note: With the purchase of any of our services, our technicians will leave you with free software and instructions to help you keep your system clean, safe, and performing optimally, so you're less likely to need repeat service... unless you really enjoy our company.